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Friday, August 21, 2009

Activity Logs and Friend Feeds on Rails & pfeed

One of the good rails developer from Holland ,Travis , wrote a detailed post about my pfeed plugin and its beauty. Go check out more
Quoting Travis:
Friend networks and activity feeds are mainstay features of social media applications, and designing an implementation that won’t scar your code with the complexities of bidirectional logic and messaging queues is never easy.

That should be enough to send the thoughtful developer looking for a giant’s shoulders to stand on before climbing the task themselves, but in the case of Rails, otherwise known for the fecundity of its plugin community, there is no compelling solution stack to raise us up. That is, not until Abhishek Parolkar released pfeed:
A rails plugin that allows you to create extensible log of activity.

read more on original post

Thanks Travis, for a great write up :-)