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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dhishoom Dheeshoom with DLINK 502-T Router

Aahhhh! It was matter of setting up a webserver at my company and deploying an intranet application. Whole week was gone , tweaking somebody's (Dru***pal! )code. And I was thinking I could have written my own Content Management System from scratch. Well! things went fine.. app works fine now and is deployed on a old age piece of hardware for testing.

And goal was to expose it to world of internet!

Uuuuuhhh! but murphy's law never fails! (I respect Murphy! :-)),
The most easiest task of forwarding http port from a DLINK 502-T Router, turned into sleepless night for me and reeshi(sys admin). The site was not accessible to world of internet because this little naughty:-) device was blocking the ports (we thought so). We upgraded its firmware and configured virtual server. Things didnt work.. we booted , rebooted ... and rebooted.. this little device, thinking it has problem handling packet traffic or ...hmm (so many threads of thinking).... And suddenly at 2 o clock in night (when murphy nakshatra was over). I got thought of looking in to our main internal gateway (cum webserver) and thats it. OOOOOOh dude! thats the firewall game, I said. We reconfigured the big brother's (internal gateway) firewall and magic happened...

I felt bad for the little tiny DLINK router... It had to bear all our hard experiments... I personally want to apologise, "Sorry little fellow device!".

Friday, September 22, 2006

Wow ! Windows Live Search

Today for the first time i used Windows live search, and performed a ego search , to realise that my old old institute recognises me and my achievements ... nice to know.. Thank you sapthagiri!