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Monday, September 12, 2005

The Big Idea

"The earth really looks like a tennis ball if you have an idea to change its spin"

"An Idea can change life" (a punch line of Ad).......... well thats really 'true'..... In last couple of days I read many articles about successfull business people and innovators.... they all have one thing in common... "The Big Idea".... Everyone of them had a concept which was totally different ... which they used in their lifetime to prove their potential... I picked up a nice book to explore this more... luckily its title is "The Big Idea" by Robert Jones ...

The book initially seemed to be as any other motivational book talking about Do's and Don'ts.... But gained lot of my attention... When I started thinking on What makes a Great Man?... Is greatness accountable? When is someone accepted as great?... The book had case studies and examples... Which made me think about people, who start from scratch and has turned into leaders and innovators... But the Big Question is Who is called a great man? and What does greatness mean to that great man?

After spending lots of time thinking, I decided to analyse different personalities and their character traits. I was interested in knowing about their Thinking Process. I believe , its just thinking that makes someone great. I got to know.. that..... They think broad... They think in long terms... They all, think different... They all believe in applying their own knowledge which is gained from experience... They have ability to learn and feel from others experience... They dont fear of failure thru wrong decisions... They are happy with failure that is brought by decisions they made and which are not controlled by anybody else . They respect other's thinking and originality . Taking high risk is their habbit. Most importantly.... "they are always hungry and unsatisfied from their creativity".

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